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Why BScDE at Caritas? 繁 中 简中

JUPAS degree program: BSc in Digital Entertainment
with Catholic values
taught by caring staff with diverse expertise and passion
combining Information Technology (IT), Design, Artificial Intelligence (AI), etc.
is useful to many professions
with many dream job options
in a rewarding career

BSc(honour) in Digital Entertainment 繁中 简中

The School of Computing and Information Sciences is currently offering a four-year study for the Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Digital Entertainment program that builds on a basic training in computing/information sciences and design, which are both useful skills for many jobs.

Developed with meeting the needs of the industry in mind, our one-of-a-kind program is devoted to nurturing well-rounded professionals that are career-ready in our ever evolving digital age. Our curriculum provides students with the necessary skills, knowledge and opportunity to widen their exposure in the fields of technical programming as well as visual and graphics design, both of which are crucial in their becoming a successful digital product specialist.

Why Catholic values in science and technology? 繁中 简中

The gifts of human intelligence have enabled many innovations and tools in IT, AI, and design that continues to improve and affect human lives tremendously. Yet these powerful tools may also be misused such as in addiction, in pornography, in the culture of death, and in fierce competitions to prosper at the expense of defeating others. Authentic Catholic teaching encourages to live out Christian faith of love, care and helping each other in the use of high-tech in one's profession in life in serving other people and the common good of the society.

Dean's Message 繁中 简中

Professor H. Anthony CHAN, IEEE Fellow

It is very interesting and rewarding to become professionals to innovate, create and design new products and services that improve human life and are needed in every country. Computing and information technologies have become the enablers in creating new and more useful and competitive products and services. New technologies in IT, cloud, big data, and artificial intelligence have arisen and newer technologies will continue to emerge. Human life also continues to change. It is therefore exciting to continue acquiring and appreciating new knowledge and be involved with opportunities to innovate for a lifetime. Such a professional is needed globally no matter where one may travel to in future.

Our School is currently offering BSc (Honors) in Digital Entertainment while there is currently fast growth of new product and market opportunities in this specialization in many countries. New specialization are being planned for other emerging market needs. The students in this program will learn the fundamentals in computing, information science and the technology and design in digital entertainment as well as the fundamentals in other areas. The expertise of our staff include a diverse set of important areas including digital entertainment, multimedia, data science, design, Internet, communication network, machine learning, standards, and ICT industry. Being active in research in these areas, our staff pay attention to ease of understanding and care for students in teaching. Students are also trained with understanding of the industry and with capability to take up new challenges in rewarding careers. The important role in contributing to the society professionally and ethically in a rewarding career are part of the education.

Having worked in both industry and academia overseas and having changed area of expertise multiple times myself as needs in industry changes, I intend to nurture students with understanding of the industry and with capability to take up new challenges in rewarding careers.

Program Objectives 繁中 简中

The program aims to nurture students to become professionals for the digital entertainment and related industries. The Program Objectives are:

To equip students with in-depth and up-to-date knowledge in computer science, with emphasis on multimedia technology, as well as creative design skills, allowing students to engage in various activities related to digital entertainment; and

To provide students with a broad spectrum of learning experience, not only for the intellectual development of the students but also for the cultivation of students as professionals with high ethical standards and as good citizens in the society.

Program Learning Outcomes 繁中 简中

Upon successful completion of the Program, students should be able to:

Alumni Sharing 繁中 简中

Mr Cheng King Sun Marco, Web Programmer, UDomain

"What impressed me most in this four year of Higher Diploma and Bachelor's Degree studies is our teachers. They were not only concerned about my academic performance, but also cared about my future. Teachers shared their knowledge on latest industry development and always stressed the importance of lifelong learning. After all, we need to keep the finger on the pulse if we work in the Information and Technology industry.

I want to express my gratitude to the School for arranging internship opportunities, which greatly prepared me for my future job. In their free time, teachers even accompanied us to job interview and helped us improve our weaknesses. I must say I would not have got my current job without their support!"

Local students 繁中 简中

Local students apply: SSSDP JUPAS Code: JSSA02 with subsidy of HK$42,800 to each eligible student in 2020/21 academic year.

Admission Requirements 繁中 简中

Year 1 Entry#

Have obtained Level 3 in Chinese Language, Level 3 in English Language, Level 2 in Mathematics and Level 2 in Liberal Studies in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) Examination; applicants' performance in two elective courses in the HKDSE Examination will be considered as bonus point in the selection process; OR

Have obtained passes in Chinese Language and Culture and Use of English and one additional AL / two ASL subjects in the Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination (HKALE) plus five passes in the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination (HKCEE) including Chinese Language and English Language; OR

Have obtained an equivalent qualification.


#1. As specified in the letter of the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ) dated 12 July 2017, the maximum number of non-standard admission (including mature aged students) for local degree programs is capped at the maximum of 5% of the actual number of Year 1 new students of the year. The cap is applied in line with the general expectation on self-financed degree-awarding institutions in safeguarding teaching and learning quality and thereby upholding the creditability and recognition of the qualifications.

Year 2 Entry

Have successfully completed an Associate Degree (AD) / Higher Diploma (HD) program that is approved by the Institute; OR

Have completed a Hong Kong Qualifications Framework (QF) Level 4 program that is approved by the Institute; OR

Have obtained an equivalent qualification.

Year 3 Entry

Have successfully completed an AD / HD program in related areas that is approved by the Institute; OR

Have completed a QF Level 4 program in related areas that is approved by the Institute; OR

Have obtained an equivalent qualification.

Apply for Admission (local students) 繁中 简中

Application for Year 1 Entry via JUPAS

In 2019-20 academic year, all the 30 places of the BScDE(Hons) Program are subsidized by the government under the SSSDP. To seek admission to the Program, applicants should apply via JUPAS (JUPAS Code: JSSA02).

Direct Application for SSSDP Places (for local Non-JUPAS Applicants Only)

The subsidized places of the BScDE (Hons) Program under the Study Subsidy Scheme for Designated Professions/Sectors (SSSDP) are mainly allocated through the Joint University Programs Admissions System (JUPAS). JUPAS students can obtain a subsidized place only via JUPAS but not any other channels. Should there be unfilled intake places after all admission rounds of JUPAS, local non-JUPAS applicants will be admitted via direct admission of no more than 10% of the 30 (in 2020/21) subsidized places in BSc(honour)DE. The maximum places for direct admission for unfilled intake in 2020/21 is 3 (10% of 30).

If you wish to apply for the remaining subsidized places in advance, please submit your application via our Online Application System and choose (for Local Non-JUPAS Applicants ONLY): [SSSDP Unfilled Places] Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Digital Entertainment (Year 1) – 1DEdp1. Please note that only when there are any remaining subsidized places after all admission rounds of JUPAS, non-JUPAS applicants will be considered for direct admission for the program. The final decision is subject to the discretion of the Institute.

Application for Top-up Degree (Year 2, Year 3 Entry)

Applicants who seek admission to Year 2/ Year 3 entry of this program should apply directly to the Institute for the self-financing places (course code: 1BSDE2, 1BSDE3).

2019 JUPAS Admission Score (HKDSE) for JSSA02: BSc(Honours) in Digital Entertainment

Mean Score (4 core subjects plus the best elective subject): 15.0,

calculated according to the converted points for Category A HKDES subjects that Level 2 = 2 points, Level 3 = 3 points, Level 4 = 4 points, Level 5/5*/5** = 5/6/7 points.

Interview Arrangements 繁中 简中

Shortlisted local applicants will be invited to attend an admission interview. Applicants are requested to bring the following when attending the interview:

Tuition Fee 繁中 简中

Local Student

The annual tuition fee for the 2019-20 intake of the 4-year Bachelor of Sciences (Honours) in Digital Entertainment is HK$78,140.

The tuition fee, after the deduction of the $42,800 subsidy under the SSSDP which is applicable for local students only, is $35,340 per year.

Apply for admission (International students) 繁中 简中

International students apply: All courses in BScDE are taught in English, where Chinese language courses may be replaced by other courses for non-English speaking students.

Admission requirements for international students 繁中 简中

The equivalent qualification to meet the admission requirements for local students is generally the successful completion of high school education in a 12-grade school system. It will include basic STEM courses and sufficient preparation in English proficiency to enable study in this degree program with lectures taught in English. Performance based on school transcript will be evaluated individually. Non-English speaking international students may be exempted from Chinese language study.

Non-local student tuition fee 繁中 简中

The annual non-local student tuition fee for the 2019-20 intake of the 4-year Bachelor of Sciences (Honours) in Digital Entertainment is HK$96,310. (Exchange rate: HK$7.78 = US$1)

International students scholarship 繁中 简中

Qualified international students may apply for CIHE Digital Entertainment Scholarship to waive up to 89.6% tuition. The academic performance, financial needs and motivation to study in a Catholic Institution are all considered in awarding the scholarship.

Principal and teacher nomination

School principals and teachers are welcome to nominate their students for the international student scholarship. Both nominations and recommendations will be given due consideration.

Clergy nomination

Clergy members and lay leaders may nominate among the faithful from their parish those students with sound Christian faith, who may be interested in studying new technology. Short explanation on what you know about the candidate will help in the selection process.

Self nomination

International students may apply directly. For details of scholarships for international students, please enquire the Public Affairs Office and a designated staff will contact you. You may (1) send E-mail to , (2) or call (+852) 3653 6789, (3) or click the following Enquiry form to fill in and submit.

Enquiries 繁中 简中

2 Chui Ling Lane, Tseung Kwan O, N.T. (Exit B, Tiu Keng Leng MTR Station)

Telephone: (852) 3702 4388


Curriculum 繁中 简中

Students will be presented with many opportunities to explore the wide range of specialization within the digital fields, such as:

Year 1

Program Core course - IT

Program Core course - Design

Program Core course - Maths

Language and Communication couse


General Education Course

Year 2

Program Core course - IT

Program Core course - Design

Elective Course

Language and Communication couse

General Education course

Year 3

Program Core course - IT

Program Core course - Design

Elective Course

Language and Communication Course

General Education Course

Year 4

Program Core course - IT

Program Core course - Design

Elective Course


Language and Communication couse

General Education course

List of Fundamental Electives

List of Advanced Electives

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Internship繁中 简中

The School has good connection with the industry to support the students to spend a period of time at a company to gain industry experiences. Participation in internship is encouraged but is optional.

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